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Introduction to the Czech language

Grammar course

Vocabulary injection

Getting rid of accent

Экспресс курс для начинающих (1 месяц)

Recruiting a group

It is suitable for you if you
  • havent studied havent studied yet Czech or just starting
  • you have an irregular work schedule
  • want to start right away speak Czech
Express course structure:
  • 1 month of training
  • lessons that you independently study open
  • Every Saturday at 11:00 Prague time - Zoom meeting - conversation training
Whats in store for you?
  • interesting tasks, videos, live communication
  • daily motivation
  • you can practice at any convenient time
  • communication with classmates and native speakers in Czech
What will you learn?
  • correctly and beautifully read in Czech
  • be able to understand and compose simple dialogues
  • tell about yourself, your family, order food at a restaurant, talk about the weather, your day
  • use basic phrases and words in everyday life
  • ask questions and be interesting in dialogue with native speakers
  • conjugate verbs (right and wrong)
  • speak in 3 times (present, past, future)

And all this in just one month!

Required condition: completing assignments and visiting conversation units in Zoom.


Грамматический (5 недель)

Recruiting a group

In 5 weeks you will completely repeat, work and consolidate the entire grammar of the Czech language.

Lessons and assignments will open every day (Mon-Sat), every day you will practice 45-120 minutes depending on the current level.

Every Saturday at 13.00 - a lesson in Zoom (study of the passed grammar). Sunday - rest.

Grammar Express is suitable for you if you:
  • are already studying in language courses and are entering a university this year
  • have mastered level A2 and want to consolidate grammar + learn new
  • passed B1 and feel the need to decompose once more grammar rules "on the shelves".
  • прошли B2, но еще не научились активно использовать грамматику в спонтанной речи
  • you know that you are talking with mistakes and do not know / do not remember how it will be correct
  • know grammar well, but dont always remember exceptions
After the express course you will be able to:
  • communicate in correct Czech (build sentences correctly, use correct endings)
  • have verb control
  • correct your mistakes yourself
  • cope with different kinds of grammar tasks
  • pass the grammar part of the B2 exam

Обязательным условием является выполнение всех уроков и активное участие на субботних уроках.

A prerequisite is the completion of all lessons and active participation in Saturday lessons.
  • all Czech case endings + exceptions (build sentences correctly, use correct endings)
  • conjugation of regular and irregular verbs
  • tenses, mood and control of verbs
  • types of verbs and their formation (+ a large number of examples)
  • degrees of comparison of adverbs and adjectives with examples
  • word order in Czech
  • conjunctions, prepositions and their use in context
  • a number of rules, without which competent speech construction is impossible

Cost of participation: 5500 Kč


Vocabulary injection (15 days) Coming soon

Coming soon

Getting rid of accent (12 days) Coming soon

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